What I’ve learned about Garcinia Cambogia

The latest craze in the weight loss industry is a supplement called Garcinia Cambogia. It’s actually a fruit from the East, and if I understand correctly, the supplement is made from the rind in the fruit, which contains something called HCA. This HCA is the ingredient that is responsible for causing people to lose weight.

So how does this supplemedieting womannt work? From what I’ve read, it works on three different levels. First and foremost, it suppresses your appetite, thereby causing you to eat less in the first place. I have found that taking in fewer calories is almost always the most effective way to lose weight, so suppression of appetite is definitely very important.

Secondly, Garcinia Cambogia prevents carbs from being converted to fat. We all know that carbs are perhaps the single most significant thing that leads to weight gain. By having less carbs turn into fat, we are less likely to put on the extra pounds.

And lastly, this supplement raises serotonin levels. For this reason, some people use it as an antidepressant as well. How does raising serotonin help? Well, for one thing, it boosts your mood, and if you feel better, you are less likely to engage in unhealthy eating habits such as overeating.

When taken together, this combination of characteristics can really jump start your weight loss efforts. Now, Garcinia Cambogia isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t cost much more than your average high quality vitamin or mineral supplement. I know a few people who have had some success using the product, so it’s probably a good idea to give the product a try.

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