Contact lens care tips

Contact lenses are in my opinion the best way to deal with any vision problems you have the require you to wear corrective lenses. But be warned, contact lenses require more care than regular glasses. I have been a contact lens wearer for over 2 decades now. Here are some tips you should follow to make sure you use your contacts properly and take the best care of them.

The best contact lens store, lens.com1. Change your lens case every 3 months
This is a tip that most people don’t follow, but after a while, your case gets dirty and no amount of rinsing will make it as clean as a new case. That’s why many eye care professionals tell you to change cases often.

2. Rub your lenses each night
This is simple to do. Just place a few drops of solution on your lenses and rub them on each side for about 15 seconds. This physically removes a lot of the dirt and grime.

3. Take off your lenses when you sleep
You may think that just because you have extended wear contact lenses, it’s okay to sleep with them. But you don’t want to make a habit of it. When you can, it’s best to remove your contacts before going to bed.

4. Wear sunglasses
It’s a good idea to wear good sunglasses to protect your eyes, even if you don’t use contacts.

Of course, these are the main tips but there are many others you can read about by going to health sites like

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