Are volcano ecigs any good?

Volcano Ecig Magma Basic Starter Kit for $59.99I’m always trying to find good e-cigarettes to try. To date, I have really liked the products from Halo and Smokeless image. Volcano Ecigs is one company I have been meaning to try for some time. I have been a bit hesitant, since their batteries are 510 threaded, and all my other products have 808 threading. And I have several cartons of 808-threated cartridges I still need to use up. Nevertheless, I got one of their Magma starter kits the other day to check them out.

One thing I immediately noticed about Volcano Ecigs is that their products are very well made. This is to be expected, however, given that their products are a bit on the expensive side. The Magma starter kit, for example, cost me $59.99, which is a bit more than I’m used to paying for a basic starter kit. On the other hand, the kit came with a portable charger, which is about the same size as a regular cigarette pack. This device proved to be very convenient, and I loved that I got one with the kit and did not have to purchase one separately.

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The magma battery is very good and lasts me all day. This is unlike some other ecigs of the same size that I typically have to recharge before the end of the day. I’m not a heavy vaper, however, and only take about 100 puffs a day, which is more or less the equivalent of 10 cigarettes.

On the whole, I am very pleased with my purchase. If you want to try Volcano Ecig, I highly recommend them. Just make sure you get yourself a Volcano Ecig coupon if you decide to make a purchase. This will allow you go get the best price possible. Get the latest coupon for Volcano e-cigarettes.

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